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Collab between me and many writer's from commaful <3


Predated upon, for years Treated like, another breed Raised my voice, was shot and killed Couldn't even do a thing Come and join forces with me, As we stand side by side and preach This is really happening! We must end the prejudice!!

~ Sassmyass1

We conform to a system that enslaves us, that deprives us, that corrupts and pollutes us, And we the people watch the people die.

We the people watch our people fight to stay alive, in a world which treats us like puppets by politicians, policeman, the soldiers of corrupt countries alike, And we watch the value of life decreasing with time, Why?

Because this is humanity and we live in an unjust and unfair society, Where we give criminals and murderers authority, And allow them to commit acts of brutality,

Because it’ll happen again and again…the injustice towards black men, And a white cop will kill a black man recklessly, and all they’ll do is admit responsibility and apologize to their families,

What good is your apology? All is forgiven, let’s move on with our lives happily? You’ve got to be kidding me…because we are the people and we will speak, For the oppressed, the voiceless, those who are shut up and told how they are supposed to feel,

And we will ignite a fire until we are heard, Because our silence has been ignored, you don’t listen to any of our words, So, what do you expect? The chaos is rising, that’s years of chaos which was shut inside forced away into hiding,

Be the voice and coal to the fuel which allows black men and women to speak, and maybe then next time a white cop will think twice before he kills a black man recklessly.

~ @fmeeraj123

Protesting violence, met with violence, with the leader commanding domination, stating "dominate", with no effort to empathise or to relate,we must stand now side by side, and state that centuries of being dominated was more than enough, freedom is what we need with compassion and love!

~ @tru

Another life has succumbed to racism, A kind of poison that has killed half the nation. Such brutality, can't be perceived by naked eyes, All the rules of humanity it defies.

Enough is enough! Black lives matter How can we let them shatter..? It is time that we fight together, End this prejudice now and forever.

~ @garimar

People may be separate The outsiders become desperate But no one sees Until a black soul leaves We were always apart But that just hurt everyone's heart

And that pain did not cease And the warring continues without lease Black and white; police brutality They are a part of society But why can't we change society?

~ @introvertwriter

First girls, now guys and everyone in between. People now just can't be seen. We can't show our feelings anymore, We have to keep our personalities behind a door. Because who knows when the next hate crime will strike? It could you that fateful night.

Can't you guys see, can't you guys hear? We have now reached the top hatred tier. We just aren't humans anymore. And it feels like we are starting another civil war. We are the new animals, not those at the zoo. Those should be the new humans, they don’t kill people for stealing a shoe.

What has the world turned into? Where did we go wrong? I’ll tell you the answer, and I’ll try to stay strong. We were never humans, not since the beginning of time. Not when Adam and Eve heard God give that sign. Never were we humans.

~ @mollycat13

On each biting loss, she'd re-form to re-gain, for the ruthless of brains, it's her heart she has drained. Was being pushed to demise & then cramp once again, till she shut her heart down, walk each step with her brain. Having own sets of rules,

stroll the safe part of lane, feeding wolf inside her who's now arduous to tame. Learning joy out of tears & conscience out of rain, now she knew she had won "had it been another game".

~ @strollingwords

I'm sick of being taunted and haunted But nobody stops I have a feeling they won't Even when my body has rotted

~ @mistexplorer74

Cops like you are supposed to be friends That's what I repeatedly hear But how can a friend like you Harbor hate and cause fear?

To serve and protect It's what you're supposed to do So why did you kill a human being That was different than you?

Not a thing he did Could warrant his death For treating him inhumanely As he drew his last breath

This senseless death a reminder Of how far America has to go We can't just look away We can't pretend to not know

Civil rights didn't end in the 60's and 70's The struggle for equality still goes on We must listen, take action, start to care We must boldly fight every racist wrong

~ @shadowdream

You snatched their smile from this mother earth, Like a kid snatching dark chocolate, You made them shed their broken tears, Were they born to die from you?

Your cruel and stained personality, Can never wash off easily, You stained your own words, You wash by your own hands,

Thousands of cruel eyes staring you, Still you can see the hatred, Do we need to be violent enough, To make you feel disgusting?

They deserved more than 100 years, You don't deserve even one, Don't you dare touch others again, Else the quiet souls are ready to play.

~ @alanad

He haunts my mind till now, Those faces are ugly and bitter: I won't bow, They may be police, but some laugh at death, I may scream " I can take my breath"'

They will laugh, even if I am drowning, I may be 12 or maybe 46, I will rise above ashes; all that are frowning, I will get my justice: even if you apply all your tricks...

~ @debadityadutta

Those tricks Police disguising as normal Barging into houses Looking for someone already found Pulls the trigger Without thinking twice.

Go against the people You’re supposed to protect We grow more scared And more angry every day.

We’ve seen too many lives Taken by protectors That think that their power Is a way to be let off easy.

No. We’ll get justice We’ll put you down to rot For justice will prevail one day For those whose last breaths We won’t forget.

~ @lilimurato

The home where happiness is served, A place where each child feels protected, What makes the inky mortals less privileged? For the breath that meant the world to their poor mothers, Didn't her tears strike before you seized?

Each drop that trickled through their cheeks, Now takes the form of outrageous calamity, For the jewels of pride, you wore till date, It's time to unlearn the undue privilege, I wish from the bottom of my heart, If at all you would have realized black lives matter as well!

~ @vpoem

How long has it been For this obscene scene be seen For Man to be mean When will we move on? See past the cons evil don? Abdicate the throne.

Where else but this world Where the injustice unfurled Where the hate is hurled Who are they to take the lives and rights in their wake? To serve for whose sake?

Why do skins mean sins? Why do Law’s guards attack backs? Why are we still stuck What is the meaning? What are the oaths they’re filling? What am I feeling?

These are my questions Asked as my soul gets siphoned Worse, not mine alone

~ @ethernia

What is black? What is white? What is wrong? What is right? Is it separate or connective? Since it maybe a perspective.

A common thought in a common cause. As all things change and rarely pause. For a shift in motion. A shift in thought. When life’s commotion leaves hearts distraught.

We all bleed and it looks the same. We all feel love and at times, feel shame. We share a planet and heed its gain. As when it’s sick, we all heed pain.

When love is love. When love heals all. We rise above. We lose the fall.

And in the end, it may dissolve. As love may grow in hate’s resolve. We all need each other.

~ @qimagine

In the death of everything that has melanin the white cloaked devils will rest I ponder if it is a test from the Almighty but, the Almighty could never be this cruel

I detest the idea that only in the death of purity; reality is seen For it is purity that the killers that hide as knights prey on It is a sight that their white cloaked brethren rejoice at As a melanin filled child dies at the hands of their knights They light symbols of their faith on fire

As a melanin filled woman dies They grab their weapons and prance around that fire As a melanin filled man dies They yell out in joy For it is the white cloaked devils happiest hour For their knights have killed innocents and their foot soldiers helped conceal it

I detest that this is our reality

~ @samba

So pray for the victims of prejudice, racism, homophobia, sexism, xenophobia, Islamophobia, etc. We all must pray to eradicate this crime, make sure that it doesn't exist during our time Hope to erase this rancid crime against humanity

~ @sassmyass1

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