Diseased Airborne Soul
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HEYY!! This a a collaboration Involving 20 writers and me from commaful, All of us wrote about the prompt disease!! Thank you to everyone that participated and I hope we could do this again!!

Diseased Airborne Soul

Fearing the world A germaphobe Isolating myself just as I should What must I do to escape this hell? An infectious disease of joy might well? - @Sassmyass1

So my resolve appears, In a human being shell, Came to repair my gears, To pull me back from this hell. - @chhr2103

Casted far away, Not anymore, Stood in disarray, Not anymore, How comfortably I felt, Could not imagine it otherwise, All blacks and grays, Exploded in indigo summers, And 80's songs. - @moonyjosten

Swaying in motion to rythms in my chest, learning to ope to colours stuffed beneath, no longer I'll be, somebody else. - @soothrain

But I'll still recoil from reflections, This airborne joy that Clogs in my throat like Unspoken words. And this tête-à-tête Shall be danced around With no escape From infectious glee. - @in

Smile across the room: Infectious, I breathed it in Like life-giving air. Warmth melted my icy heart And happiness consumed me. - @stevewaldrop

This happiness appeared to be like a infectious airborne disease That I was passing unknowingly The love that made me happy Was yours undoubtedly - @abstractvt

Like dew drops, love stayed on my parched lips I inhaled a lungful of your flavorful seduction And sweetly spoiled, I learned to grow weaker forever after. - @skye

Can we copystrick happiness? I don’t like the idea Of everyone having it And I don’t having anything So I say again Can we copystrick happiness? - @edie_taylor

But as the rebel raindrop stains The soil with no aimed gear Guided only by the passion Of covering broken with cheer I say let's be part of the Skyfall For we all will crash on the concrete But we will feast on the victory Of no remorse, No fear of breathing - @friedchicken

But how much will we sacrifice to be happy? And it is worth all the truth we compromise? For happiness, as it is, as it truly is —an infection of the mind, of the will, that drains us of our sight, and blinds us to our dreams. We are complacent and unwilling to pursue anything worth chasing. - @affinity

Her face drained from sweat, Spilling like the ashes of a cigarette How much sacrifice will she have to give to be able to live? Stepping through this disease filled land, -----

No water to drink without making her sick Trekking one step at a time She will succeed and stop this punishment with a cease and desist While the land becoming a euphoric blur she smiles and floats home light as a bird - @jemise78

Verdant and vociferous she sings, Worries and woes whimper ‘gainst her wings. Monochromes mar, ecstasy echoes, and reveries rise; Her revelation is a rainbow: she will never die. - @stadarooni

Little did you know From the cradle of the soul lies bliss's reek To the grave of the heart the contagious love you seek - @stephenmacky

Happiness is contagious seemingly like a cold airborne on emotions the feeling opposite to the illness a fuzzy warm feeling needling into hearts infectious lighting up a face in a smile even if the wearer is reluctant - @animekitty1

Oh how can i escape this ongoing nightmare, Being caged in this room by ones own minds dimming flare. Am a creature stuck staring at the world though the cracks of my wall, Dreaming to get out and regain the freedom ive lost, were not for the lack of integrity and resolve. - @wastedbliss

This infectious nightmare drives me crazy, Unable to sleep ; everything hazy, Then It's morning .... sun up and dew on the leaves, Airborne is happiness infectious is Jeeves. - @debadityadutta

Happiness Bones applauding in smile, The chirping of thoughts is amusing, The greenery of future is mesmerising. Clouds of past are blown, Displaying the sky of freedom, Airs of hope are now the basis of my kingdom. -----

Happiness that used to be in the bottom, With wings of new dreams, it is on top, And this time with you I know it won’t flop. yayyayayyayay i loved it i hope u enjoy thank u so much for ur awsmm efforts - @salmakhatoon918

spreading my newfound wings of joy, i have now realized that gravity was just an illusion of fear and doubt all along. just a belief to keep me grounded, to keep my head out of the clouds, those that hid a replete of happiness from my yearning soul. - @weeklybrent

happines it is to infectious it should not be in life especisaly one of despare it is a dark world why is happienes a thing make it stop it has hurt me one to many times - @muigoku2433

infectious smile from a pure heart, A laughter being a work of art. For understanding, an eye contact is enough, And every heart melts, no matter how tough!! - @aska

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