Blackest day
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sassmyass1 Royalty of Commaful
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Collab with @ioanamoldovan2 <3

Blackest day

I struggled today, to get out of bed, to take a long breath, to open my eyes and see another blue day.

I pushed and pushed myself, Trying to resist the urge to not fall back into the darkness I’ve made. But all I could do, was breathe and breathe and nothing more.

My hands were cold, my feet felt numb, for the darkness took its place, all over my bed and I.

I hid underneath the dark, Drowning deep into my bed Dust particles visible And dust mites so cynical

Laughing at my misery, Throwing dirt and patting their weaves, They talk a lot Can't concentrate, Get me out of this dark and twisted bed

I saw a light, seep through the blinds and launched out of the darkness around, My blankets lit The darkness left Going through this nightmare all over again

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