Behind the Masks
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sassmyass1 Royalty of Commaful
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Behind hurt and desperation (ANNOUNCEMENT!!)

Behind the Masks

Behind the masks of a little girl A shining star from another world Blooming towards an inevitable slumber Dying out like a little spark

Behind the mask of a brave bright boy A dark and gloomy satellite from across the world Moving towards an inevitable death Swallowed up by the other world

A life of both a boy and a girl Lifting one another in two different worlds Life of a man and a woman arising Gradually leaning towards an uprising

Side note: I've posted a second collaboration involving anyone that wants to participate. So if you're interested please check out my page and do so!! The prompts are "Valentine" and "love" Collab comes out February 15 last day for submissions is February 14 Thanks for stopping by!!

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