Battle through the Fall
Battle through the Fall fall stories

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Battle through the Fall

The day has come The skies have fallen It's autumn now The world is falling Into a deep narrowing slumber where earth is moist and covered in orange ~ @Sassmyass1

The night has come The temperature's fallen The clouds cover the skies And cry out loud It's loneliness is taking over Missing the motion of the living It cries all autumn ~ @Mystic

all the leaves decaying nature giving birth to new season bird's symphonies conveying concealed secret ~ @Imaginarywriter

Along with orange leaves on the ground comes school. And buying new pens, markers, and tools. Pumpkin spice latès, the spookiest season, And giving of thanks, some say for bad reasons. ~ @Bruvton

The Earth's cries I hear I give ear to them My world falls down at the Earth's words Words about how everything we do will become a stem for change causing the diversity She loves -------------->

All the while I can't help but think of school before the Earth Buying stuff for school during fall A season hated and loved for the changes Sounds like few like change... anywho... next person ~ @u53rn4m3

The nights are fading birds are singing no more, but joy is spreading all around the world, for autumn has taken its long awaited place. ---------->

The lurid summer is long forgotten, while some are craving its feels, but I shall be sad no more, for leaves and trees are turning soul-like like galaxies beneath my feet. ~ @ioanamoldovan2

-Imitate Nature- Be like the trees Shedding leaves like pain Allowing transformation Never thinking. Be like the sunset Never dwelling in sorrow Always there tomorrow. ~ @vitalsigns81

And when I awake From the leaves left from tomorrow I realize they are always there Always there to borrow Never leaving never worrying About what all shall sorrow ~ @rottweiler18

Longing for autumn The feel of wool on my skin As the leaves turn cool. ------------>

Open a window, Sleep in the refreshing chill Dream of bonfire joy. ~ @stevewaldrop

The joy does not last though, the autumn arrives and departs like an old friend's meet. . . . . ---------->

Before you know it winter comes round, turning the fiery embers of autumn to cold frosts and chills. The eerie sensation of something lingers. ~ @zoya

That sensation feels a bit painful, Yet brings on the hope of some snow, Cakes frosted with sugar - Christmas oh joyful, Till I live here best friends are Christmas and cakes in tow.... ~ @debadityadutta

But still, the paddle of puddles that splotched that autumn ardour in petrichor perfume still dazzle; ---------->

Drizzled dips in dulled daylight, washed-out and colourless like the darkness of hours. ~ @Stadarooni

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