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A lunar goddess of the moon.

~Short story.

Ellipse Awards winning Fantasy story. (2020)


Ellipse Awards winning Fantasy story. (2020)

As the night comes at bay, I spot the shining moon. A home made for the goddess of the hunt

She guards the world with her bow and quill, arrows made of mood rock and leaves from a cypress tree

"One-shot's coming to end the villains trying to unleash disharmony!!" Screams the passing maiden.

She levitates from the moonlight, onto the earth as elegantly as a deer.

She shoots the moonlight through her arrows to purify the lands and seas. She works along with her uncle Poseidon to balance the tides along the sea and heal the earth from within it's core

A few years back we fought along the shore, trying to claim who rules the seas. Sea monsters fighting the forest creatures. The moon shuts down on my command I rule the celestial body, that moves the waves as I command! ~Artemis

I am the ruler of the seas, the water is what embodies me, don't need your celestial body to balance the seas eloquently. I ride along with my pet Kraken, bringing justice where it's needed. As your moon shuts you unbalance, how could you name yourself a goddess?? ~Poseidon

As the water loses power slowly, each of them relies on different bodies, Poseidon unleashed earthquakes destroying the land; as Artemis attempts to shoot her arrows into the seas

The fight ends up with neither winning; sooner the sea begins to rage at the Gods for the mistreat. Roaring in rage at both of them, missing the moon and its balance.

Athena unleashes her wrath at them both. "STOP this mess!!" she yells and screams. "Degrading the name of the celestial beings, we're far more than tyrannical petty beings!!"

They later find common ground and peace, restoring the lands to what they've been. The sea sooner finds it's peace, as the moon shines bright in the galaxy.

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