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Collab Between 20 writer's, thank you guys for participating and have a great valentine's <3 *un-edited*

My 200th post!!

Edited part: https://commaful.com/play...

Aphrodite's Blessing

Before y'all start reading, I would like to apologize to all the writers participating for not making it clear that I'd release an edited part!! This is the unedited part, hope you enjoy their original GREAT work <3

Ask me out I beg you, please Aphrodite send your gifts to me Don't make her chose another one So I'm not left alone again this month ~ @sassmyass1

Searching for the ''one'' reading Shakespeare classics found all answers within your eyes tonight under starry sky I search for you ~ @Imaginarywriter

for as the flowers bloom I find myself craving you for as the sky grumbles and cries I find myself asking the heavens for you ~ @samba

Storms and lightning strikes gradually approaching For me to snuggle closer into the soft blanket of your hold How sweet it is for us to recall The true meaning of it all. ~ @caffeinated

I’ll ransom my seashells I’ll share my pomegranate I’ll deliver the Rose’s in bloom I’ll release the dove Just for the taste of your love ~ @poemsbybruce

So I stand here in deep thought standing here feeling wrought What do I do? What do I say? But will you stay? ~ @illuminatedone

when the last of the snow melted and tired little sprouts awakened I just had one wish this year That when valentines came We would be embracing ~ @Kitten

Worlds, you and I the game of gravity and breath love's everlasting sigh resonates we ~ @maenad

The love I long for The love I lull The love I live The love I love Is there alive Shimmering As Polar ice If I just gaze Into your ... ~ @sergiodib

For you are my Ace Of Hearts My trump-card given by love Through which life's an easy game Striding playfully along our path ~ @Goldenratio0618

So please make me yours Sure, I can live without you But I don't want to ~ @erisa

February does a cutesy little Marilyn blowing a snowflake over her shoulder, grazing the true north above your jawline

just west of your lips which await my eclipse. ~ @sonnettree

Your heart is all I want. Your love is all I desire. But I'm afraid that you won't be able to understand my soul. Can I trust you with my past, present, and future?

Can I trust you with the pages of my story, Or will you tear out the pages, one by one, as you slowly tear my heart to pieces? ~ @alaskarose

So what if there was a love that could pass our understanding? A love that chooses to love first regardless of love returned.

A love that opens doors in our hearts we didn't even know we had. A love that brings deep healing to all our wounds and hurt ~ @wearebeloved

I do not need to be understood, nor do I wish you to know my truth. I only expect you to go as far as you've never done

to become the piece of a union whose interest shows the will to bulldoze the belief that in this life there is such a thing called: a right ~ @rosarlei

And remember all the times we had Laughing and smiling with love Our heart healing wounds and cuts

Our mind making new and nice memories Because you my love Is all I want Can we love again? @rottweiler18

And every single memory of you floods through my brain, As I wonder if you were the mistake I made, All the memories I withhold, You crept right into my soul, Your scent that reminds me of home,

And I lay here out in the cold, Wishing I had you here to hold, For it's the day of lovers, And I'm all alone. ~ @mjpaul

And I reach out Searching for you Because I want to? Because I'm told to? I search for something I cannot even name I cannot even feel Because I feel emptiness

That I don't understand But I want the warmth I want to feel So I reach out Again and again And always end the same As I was before Alone ~ @betweenthelines

When it's love The flowers don't matter Nor the rhymes in a card When it's love It's waking up with bed hair And laughing over burnt toast

When it's love It's fighting over stupid things That seem important at the time When it's love

It's forgiving and forgetting And forgiving some more When it's love. ~ @cheinnoir

The plains of flowers blooming in my heart Have enveloped the emptiness inside You complete the broken part of me You're every little thing that I need ~ @mystic

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