All I want for Christmas is you
All I want for Christmas is you collab stories

sassmyass1 Royalty of Commaful
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Collaboration number 8!!!!! with 10+ poets on commaful, thank you guys so much for making this possible to achieve <3

All I want for Christmas is you

It's time!!!!!!!!

Thank you guys so much for keeping up and letting this happen let's begin >>>

Approach a frozen little roach Trapped inside a Crystallized flake Has been trying to escape When a little bear took him into his cave

Welcomed him with open arms Warmed him up evaporating the bubble And Hibernated into the frozen nights together

~ @Sassmyass1

Frozen lakes; decaying leaves, reminded several lessons the reality of mortality the teaching of nature winter is not merely a season

~ @imaginarywriter

Watching each individual snowflake, Each unique and beautiful item, Gathering together, And turning into An unrecognizable mass of white.

~ @zenebra7

Frozen water Frozen hearts Only warmed by each other’s company

~ @pouncingfoxmoon

Marshmallow softness, Spits and spurts and fluffy drifts Dancing on my nose.

Screaming howling storm Blinding piles and gelid death Hungry for our heat

~ @stevewaldrop

In the wake of our meet I hear nothing but my heartbeat Come at me with no lenience Let's see the end of your experience

I'm curious about the variety that my built-up anxiety has to say about the quality of our brewing rivalry

~ @Rosarlei

The silent snow drifts from the frozen sky The trees lay still, waiting for the hidden warmth The autumn leaves are drowned in the layering snow The freezing frost creeps upon the barren trees

~ @mokingjay

Watching the scenery with you Touching with warmth Mystic and dark A potion of frozen time

~ @mystic

Still in this icy void lightly heavy on my chest Throw us back inside Submerging back into each others universe

~ @sxspan

You have gone like the snow Leaving icy footsteps Across my heart

~ @bettyv

The footsteps Gently impressed Into the snow Left by a creature Leading you to her home

~ @kitten

Swirling orbs of ice Nibble away at my cold heart like mice To bread and rice.

Snowflakes swirl about my brain As the rain Tries to refrain From giving the orbs of ice what they wish.

~ @u53rn4m3

Sleeping with crystals Ice is harboring my heart Till spring will return

~ @Erisa

Warming my little soul Evaporates the rain Blooming flowers everywhere A scent of lilac fills the air Easing all the pain away

~ @sassmyass1

Like this snow being the clouds No more bitter cold inside Warm heights as we glide Taking colors from the flowers To draw a rainbow...

~ @vk

If you finished reading thank you so much <3 Thank you to everyone that participated this turned out great!!

Shout out to all of you <3

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

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