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A poem I wrote a couple of months ago for an english project. Hope y'all enjoy!!!

All by Myself

Stranded in the streets, Waiting for the bus to reach, By myself;

Feels like a couple of weeks have passed, I'm getting pretty scared right now, Still by myself,

A ghost town is all I see! Until a light sparks by the lake, Am I still all by myself?

The man in the car approaches me, My heart rate fluctuates uncontrollably, Why do I feel like I'm still all by myself?

A wave of relief takes over me, Suddenly tackled onto the hard concrete, Why is it getting hard to breathe?

He forces his way onto me, It's getting really cold out here, In this dank, dark, damp alleyway,

I beg and cry out , Stop it, please! You're really really hurting me! I wish I was all by myself;

He stands and walks away from me, No form of remorse brushes over him, As he walks towards his car;

Frozen for a lingering minute, He seizes like a maniac, Trying to adjust his short flowy brown hair,

He continues to walk away from me, Then sits in his car, crying heavily, Is that remorse that I could sense?

He drives away after a while, Not bothering to come outside, And leaves me all alone,

By myself again at 1:30 am, No ride to get me out of this evocative hell, Why do I always end up all by myself?

I try to move a dozen of times, My legs disappoint, leaving me, Lying in oceans of sorrow, all by myself;

Seems like the universe has abandoned me, In a void away from clusters of stars, I sink into an abyss; Tartarean, unilluminated all by myself, I slowly fade away;

Woken up suddenly, A woman with golden-brown skin asks me worriedly; Why are you all by yourself in this alley?

She helps me up, then notices my ripped up clothes and swollen limbs; Why are you covered in bruises? How did you end up hurt like this?

I blank into space in wait of breaking down; He ruined my life and has broken me! Why must I suffer by myself?

Jumpy from what's surrounding me, Can't even breathe, doubting my sobriety, Seems like my memories are shuffling on repeat, as I stare at my window screen;

Flicking through a couple of days into court's testimony, Grinding up my memories, And feeding them to an assembly;

He passed the street and launched at me! Then slit my life unreluctantly! And left me with scars and PTSD!

Watched him get dragged into a cage; For eternity that man will pay! For leaving me all by myself!

Why must I be left in pain? Sturdily shaky! Sold! Spent! Spineless! Searching for my sanity?? My mind is withdrawing cheery days...

My friend serotonin has ran away, Decided that we'd play hide and seek, He's been inconspicuous for a week...

Ran off with dopamine! I continue to drown into the empty tartarian galaxies! For something that I did not effectuate!!!!

I mustn't be left feeling this way! All alone and deserted all-day! He's paying his dues I remind myself...

However, That doesn't erase the pain! OR Agony!! I'm still going to wind up left all by myself... All by myself...

Written by the unapologetic bitch: ~ Hisham (@sassmyass1)

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