Hurt Me More
Hurt Me More heartbroken stories

saryurinJust a girl trying to find it's place
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This one is also about someone who hurt me deeply... He's very recent, but still it already means a lot to me. My angel, I hope you never get to read this.

Hurt Me More

Baby don’t hurt me

Like I’ve hurt you

I made this to protect me

But you chased after us

You made sure to tell me how you felt

There was nothing between you and me

And yet, come after me

Is it just for the fear of being hated?

If I told you that I don’t hate you

Would you stop chasing me?

Bleed, bleed, bleed!

My dearest tears, come to me!

My body cannot hold you

So bleed, bleed like an hemorrhage

Before I open myself to make you come to me

Do not leave me behind

It hurts like hell

Listening you saying about your boyfriends

Cut my throat instead

Or just grab my hand

Before I just smile like an idiot

Make sure my body does not move anymore

Burn him and turn into ashes

This time I will let you kill me fast

Slowly, slowly, I can feel

See? My tears, there aren’t any left

Fast, fast, I can’t feel

Don’t you see? I’m already dead

How come the words won’t stop?

Stuck in this body of mine

There’s nothing else but repentance

Why can’t you stop crying?

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