Helpless Thoughts
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saryurinJust a girl trying to find it's place
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I still remember the day I wrote this, I was crying really hard and barely could breath, all I could do was grab a pen and write whatever came out of my mind, it turned out to be a poem at the end.

Helpless Thoughts

I didn’t want him to go

But if he stayed here my tears would flow

So I sent him off I said “I’ll be fine on my own”

And he left without questioning why it was better if he didn’t stay home

He left to a party

To have fun with his friends

Even though today he came back after the Sun had set

We didn’t talk not even our basic greetings

He just came back to say that he was still breathing

I accepted the fact that he had to have fun on his own

Even though i missed the times when he would invite me to go along

I put the blame on me and asked myself

“Am I not necessary anymore?”

“Why did he stopped treating me like before?”

“What have I done wrong?”

All of my questions would never be answered alone

While all my defects would surge to tell me I was the guilty one

As if someone was cutting my skin,

I cried and screamed for the arms of anyone

I asked for forgiveness for falling in love with someone who would always leave me on my own

For depending on someone who wouldn’t give me the happiness that I always searched on everyone

For believing that he was different from the ones that I had met before

And for actually think that with him my despair wouldn’t hit me so strong

At the end, I became weak and helpless to his words

But I still love him even when he leaves me alone in the world

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