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My friend, my dearest Dudu. To you, I made this poem months ago, you didn't even care about me back then, but I always thought you were special. For you, my treasure, anything.


Dudu is my boy

He’s sweet and kind

Lovely,so wild

And gosh,he’s my gay son

Someone that I care for

The type of guy that this world should be looking for

He is the guy that can always open my heart’s door

And that no matter how much love I give to him,I will always want to give more

Like I've lost many friends,I don't wanna lose this guy

He’s a crybaby that I want to protect like he was mine

Even though sometimes I’m scared to hurt his beautiful heart

I know that I will never let us ending up falling apart

During the nights that I am all alone

I ended up thinking “is he okay?” always being worrisome

And the day starts with me already expecting your hug

That clears my mind and release me from being stuck

It makes my day better when your smiling face shows up

In the middle of the crowd is always you that I’m looking for

Don't be afraid to tell me if you're really alright

I am here to tell you that everything will be fine

By your side I stay wishing for your happiness

I wanna be the one who can take away all of your heaviness

And make you forever and always the happiest

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