Go Mobile-last, Not Mobile-first. Attention-first, Nativity later.
Go Mobile-last, Not Mobile-first. Attention-first, Nativity later. stories

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A new mobile app strategy could be not developing an app at all at first. Go from dependence to independence rather than independence to integration for distribution.

Go Mobile-last, Not Mobile-first. Attention-first, Nativity later.

by Sar Haribhakti

BIG nightmare = Building a new, sustainable mobile app

I think we should e fundamentally redesign our processes of how we think and implement our plans for going from nothing to a mobile app with growing distribution.

Too much of anything is not good.

App fatigue, discoverability struggles & pervasiveness of smartphones have made it very difficult for app developers for creating sustainable products w/ predictable revenues & sticky growth

No Worthwhile.

I don’t think its worthwhile going mobile-first in hopes of becoming the next big app story. Everyone's trying that. Why add to the noise? Why work hard, and not different?

New Approach - Find Leverage

Developers should find creative ways of leveraging existing incumbent platforms like Facebook, Instagram, WeChat, Youtube, Twitter & new platforms like Telegram, Snapchat, Slack and Periscope .

Massive built-in attention!

Leveraging these platforms to amass attention is much simpler than building your own app and amassing attention for your app. Show the value & differentiate your product without creating an app.

What you truly need is attention. Not nativity.

These platforms will not give you the flexibility that you get when you are building your own product from scratch. But, they give you what you REALLY need is ATTENTION.

Most products go mobile-first these days and then intergrate

I say go mobile-last. First, you spread your message or purpose on platforms that have the attention. Later, you leverage the attention to drive users to adopt your native app or platform later

Chuck the struggles of developing, iterating and deployment

Creatively designing bits and pieces of your concept natively on existing platforms can help find product-market fit, gather feedback, leverage established distribution channels & build following

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