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Whether it may be hard, your journey begins the moment you decide it's worth to be turned into a reality.

Your Journey

by sarahsmiles168

At some point in our lives, whether we were basking in our youth or nearing our adulthood, we get dreams.

Different kinds of them.

Whether it's succeeding to become a famous singer.

Traveling the world one country at a time.

Becoming a famous writer that has their works turned into films.

We all have them, dreams so beautiful to not just want to think about at night, but work hard for during the day.

But in order to succeed such ambitions, we have to face challenges.



Judgment from people,

Bullshit from life.

And most of the time, we tend to give up.

Sometimes from too much frustration from working.

Feeling like there's no path to try and reach to anymore.

The pressure from people.

And believe me, I've had those moments myself.

Each and every single one of them.

And I broke down during all those mishaps.

Practically almost pulled my hair out of my head due to overthinking of when, how and most importantly why?

Letting people's words affect me, stab me in a way. And they tend to sink deeper than we want.

And I know you faced those moments too.

We all have.

And sometimes these things get the best of us.

They're too hard to try and carry above our shoulders. So we give up.

Give up on our journey.

My journey.

Your journey...

However, you must think to yourself that if this goal were to be achieved, would it be worth it?

Will all the hard work be worth it?

Will your blood, sweat, and tears be worth it?

Ask yourself that when the hardships get the best of you and you just wanna stop,


I know at one point or another, it will come to a time where you feel like giving up.

But just remind yourself first as to why you wanted to pursue this goal in the first place.

Make it a reality and not a dream anymore.

Think of that first, and what you are gonna get achieve at the end. Not just physically, but mentally and emotionally.

Happiness? Contentment?

Because although the climb might be rough...

At the top, the view is pretty damn amazing.

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