'Til The Sun Goes Down
'Til The Sun Goes Down love stories

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I'll hold you until the sun disappears from the horizons, and until the beating of our hearts beat in rhythm with the wind that pass by us.

'Til The Sun Goes Down

I promised that I won't stop loving you, from day even until night.

That I won't stop reminding you of each passing second of the day that everything that defines you as a person is what I stand for in life

What gives me a reason to breathe the same air as you do.

That I'll be with you even until the heavens above us freeze.

Or even if hell comes up to tear us apart.

No matter what, I will not stop loving you.

I'll be here, from thick and thin, through peace and through riot, from smiles to tears, until the laughter we make dies down into silent cries

I'll be here. I'll still be with you.

Even until the last day of the sun goes down.

Or if the darkness of the night completely consumes us and we lose our way, I'll find you.

I'll find you because darling... you bury me.

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