Through Good and Bad
Through Good and Bad  shortstory stories

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Would you promise to stay with me through good and bad, even if our bad erased all good memories away?

Through Good and Bad

by sarahsmiles168

She sat by the window of the cafe,

Waiting for him as she usually does whenever they plan to meet up.

She got lost deeply into her conscience as she thought about him,

Smiling as she remembered the day that they first met.

The day where a very sly guy walks up to a girl reading a book.

Lost in her own world as strands of hair fell from her ponytail, falling down on both sides of her face.

Captivating him all the while.

Him walking up to her, smiling as he said the one word that changed both of their lives since then.


And it was funny how a simple act like walking up to someone you got at awe with but barely even know...

As you introduce yourself to them...

Could open up so many possibilities.

She smiled at the thought as it ended while she waited.

Then time flew by...


Yet she still waited.

And more...

Until her phone rang.

She picked it up, answering it.

And one second led to another, she was out of the cafe.

The second those four words came were said and cut through reality like a steel knife,

"Something happened to him,"

She bolted through the streets at a fast pace.

Beads of sweat falling down her forehead.

As the tears then started to fall.

She arrived at her destination.

St. Luke's Hospital

She ran to the counter reception, panting out his name.

And proceeded to run.

And run.

Until she burst through the double doors...

And saw him, eyes shut.

Looking dead.

Just like that, she broke down.

It took every ounce of her to get back up, yet her heart was racing, and everything was still a blur.

But it didn't matter as she looked down on the one person she loved the most,

Looking so hopeless as she was...

She sat by his side, taking his hand in hers as she brought it up and kissed it.

Whispering silently, yet surely....

"Please be okay... for us."

Because that's all that she ever needed at that moment...

Minutes, hours and days flew by.

She sat, waited and lied down next to him.

Reaching the point where there were no tears left to fall.

And she was just numb.

But she kept waiting... like she always did.

But when it all seemed too longing and agonizing,

She pretended he was there, knowing what she felt.

"I know I wouldn't be able to change anything," she said.

Tears fell as she continued

"But I need you,"

Her head fell slowly into his chest as she sobbed.

"To be okay, now more than ever."

Every thought seemed blurry and irrelevant as that all that mattered was just them...

Him mostly....

And she wondered in her head why do things like this...

Have to happen to the people who just want to live in a way where nothing could come between them.

And just be happy....

.... Just why?

That thought burned into her head as the never-ending stream of tears continued to fall.

And fall even more...

Until his fingers twitched.

And she looked up,

Smiling as she met his eyes...

But it faded the second he chose to speak...

Eyes confused, and expression confuzzled...

"... Who are you?"

And it was funny how one accident...

Could destroy a heart so brutally more than anything...

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