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And when he walked in, there were sparks. Flashing, bright, blinding sparks that filled up the room ready to set your heart on fire... until you realize he wasn't gonna put it out anytime soon.


In every love story, there's always an end to every beginning.

Whether it be the start to something beautiful or the end to something so ugly that neither one of them decide to go back to how they once were...

The love will always stay. To help you grow or to completely destroy you as the memory of it still lingers within your mind.

Ending graciously or not, every love story ends the same way, whether it hurts so good or feels too bad to want.

To either see the person you loved turn into someone you'd never see yourself falling in love with... or to see them finally show themselves for who they really were since the start.

Maybe that's what happened to me when I saw first you.

With how I saw you walked in and suddenly, everything around me turned into a blur

And it wasn't exactly how you looked at me that caused the flood of emotions to burst free.

Or how you shamelessly tugged your lips into an inviting grin as you came my way.

And how it made everything inside me clench in anticipation, in wanting and in need.

The need to touch you. To feel you on me.

And all I could think about at that moment were the many possibilities that I could do with you. To see, hear and feel with you.

Even if it hurt me. As long as it was with you, it's okay.

Even when you set everything around us on fire only to see me burn into flames.

And it just made me think back to the time that I have caved to my desires. Wondering what would have happened if only I hadn't.

And I had tried to chase the spark that came along with it.

What if I never would have let you used those sparks to burn me? And let you inflame everything that was once beautiful and fragile.

All because you couldn't stand seeing something so well put together. Something you were still yet to ruin, all because everything inside you was damaged and scorched.

Blazing everything with your metaphorical lighter.

And set everything within me on fire.

And now that I've realized it...

Those sparks did nothing but tarnish me.

Leaving away ashes that flew by the wind...

And left me by the time I had experienced the end of my downfall.

The same way you did once you realized there was nothing left to spark, ignite and then ruin.

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