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Love was never suppose to be done for someone... just because you needed to.

Out Of Obligation

by sarahsmiles168

It was never your obligation to love me,

Yet you made it seem as if it was.

And I can't blame you for thinking that...

When all I ever did was just give you reasons not to leave,

And to just keep loving me over and over...

.... And over

You wanted to break free from everything.

Because in some parts, they were all just a meaningless fling for you.

While I on the other hand,

Refused to even be in the same thought as you

And I wanted you to stay

To hold on just a little bit more

And in that very moment...

I opposed on the thought of freedom....

I never asked you to love me

Yet you made it seem as if it was an obligation to do so

And somehow I couldn't blame you

Because even if so all the love from you for me drained out

I clinged on

And you sympathized me

And stayed

You didn't break free,

Even when you wanted to...

...Why didn'you just leave?

Why didn't you just go?

Why did you have to stay...

And make it seem as if being with me....

Was the hardest task you had to do...

In your entire life?

When love wasn't suppose to be done out of responsibility ...

Because love isn't like that....

It was never fucking like that.

So why didn't you just leave?

After all....

It wasn't as if loving me was your obligation.

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