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Sometimes stories don't always end with happily ever afters. Sometimes they always just end with What Ifs left for you to question...

Our Story

by sarahsmiles168

I used to think the way fate brought us together was done for a lot of reasons.

Reasons so wonderful we couldn't help but tell it to everyone who knew us.

Where people would look back and tell others "See them? They're a whole different story to dig into. The beautiful kind."

I used to smile at the thought every time I thought about it.

However, things don't always turn out that way.

Because you tend to drift apart from each other.

Walk away on all the possibilities you were planning to tell those who were curious.

But you don't even give each other the chance to be a love story worth telling about. You don't even try to look back.

... Okay, maybe that's a lie.

Because you look back at him.

Reminisce everything you use to think was worth holding onto.

Yet it just ends.

And it almost seems like a tragedy.

A painful one.

To wonder back on all of the What Ifs this journey could've brought us.

Us seeming so unfamiliar to one another that we're practically strangers.

Yet every love song still reminds me of you.

And I close my eyes thinking what if it were to be me?

Being there for you always?

Back then it was just us, our two hearts beating for the same reason - to be able to live another day just to love the other.

But now it's just a cold hard war.

But to be honest I would rather put my armor down.

Just to get one more taste of what we used to be.

And how everything felt like magic.

And maybe I shouldn't have given up.

Because looking back at it now...

We could've been such a story worth telling.

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