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One Day

... And one day, I hope to see your face from a distance and realize that I made the right choice.

That even though it's hard not to cry whilst thinking of you, is that I can still honor the commitments I've made when I decided to love you with everything that I've got.

To one day see you move forward, find someone whom you'll share new memories with and smile as I cheer you on from afar.

That if we were to meet eye to eye from across the room someday, all you will see is the recognition in my eyes to see you doing so well.

To see you get better.

Seeing you be loved by somebody else.

See them do what I can only wish to have given you.

Love you, cherish you, and to remind you every second that you are someone who is worthy of all the love in the world.

For you have made me smile even at my lowest.

Mad even at my most vulnerable.

And cry just as I only wanted to love you, nothing more.

So as I watch you move on and live your life with those who are meant for you...

All I can think about is how I love you far better now that you're with somebody who can finally make you happy,

Far better than I ever did when you were still mine.

Because you deserve it.

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