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And even though all they ever did was bask on the flaws of what their relationship has, they refuse to let each other go, and they just keep coming back for more and more... why is that?

Here With You Still

by sarahsmiles168

Right from the start,

They both knew what they had was toxic.

Yet the short lived of unforgettable moments they had...

Blinded them

Into thinking every day will always be a fairy tale

They used to make promises to one another.

He would always says....

"Forever and always, you and me."

And she would smile, as she says back....

"Forever and always, 'til time passes by.... to the end of everything."

... But did they also mean it was forever and always of even broken nights....

Filled with never ending fights...

Of their flaws and obstacles...

That they use to promise they will always tolerate no matter what....

Being shouted at right in front of their face?

Back then, by the end of every single night, it used to be,

"I love you,"

But now they refuse to even mutter a single word to one another...

Every single night, as each fight ends.

All screams and slamming of doors have finally stopped.

And one of them just cries themselves to sleep.

While the other refuses to break down, even though he wants to.

Yet they keep holding on

Keep coming back for each pain to bask on.

For each tear to be shed

And for one heart to break

And sometimes even both....

Why couldn't they just let go?

What were they so afraid of?



Trail of memories following them around?

Was it just for lust?

Was it for the love they both promised...

To forever cherish?

They were both strong enough to let go.

Yet they never did.

Back then it used to be...

"I will never let go..."

But now....

"I want to let go... but I just can't,"

.... Why is that?

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