For You, From Me
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Sometimes unconditional love just isn't enough...

For You, From Me

by sarahsmiles168

Every second of every minute.

All I think about is what goes through your head by the thought of me.

Just of the slightest of hints, I wanna know.

Because in my mind you're all I ever think about.

And in a desperate way of thinking so, I wish it would be the same for you.

That you would feel the same as well.

Because out of the hundreds and thousands of people in my life.

You're one of the many few that constantly sinks into my head every hour of the day.

... And sometimes maybe even the only one.

People tell me that getting drunk by the thought of you is no use.

But darling, I was intoxicated since the start.

I was a little lost girl hoping maybe one day you'll look at me the same way I look at you.

Filled with admiration, nothing less...

But it seems as if your view on me will always stay the same

Just that girl of the many ones who has stuck by you, nothing else.

I was always just that girl.

And it's just the same thing with you and me over and over...

With you out there, basking in the love that everyone gives you.

While I'm over here pouring all my heart out just for you.

While you obliviously focus all of your attention to the ones who give no relevance to you,

Much or less be there for you.

... Why couldn't you just see it?

Why couldn't you just see my love for you?

Notice it?

But then again...

Who would ever wanna pick a fragile little daisy in a garden filled with roses?

... Right?

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