Devil's Charm

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You can't keep asking why you're still in hell when all you ever do is dance with the devil.

Devil's Charm

When I met him, it brought me back to the day of the fairy tale stories told by my parents when I was little.

How once you meet Prince Charming, your heart starts to speed up at an unusual pace as if you're chasing someone.

And maybe I was, maybe I was chasing after him, the thought of him, when he first set his eyes on me and gave me this look that was so hard to resist.

As if inviting me to an adventure, but giving me these numerous amounts of warnings to be careful.

As if trying to tell me"You better know what you're trying to look for."

To not just jump into my temptations way too quick.

But I wasn't having enough of it.

And maybe in some way, I was hesitant, doubting what this could lead me to.

Because I knew the second I saw him, his world was different from mine.

Like hell and heaven together, and I couldn't help but try to save him from his catastrophic world.

To save him. A boy who lived in such a rebellious way, however looked nothing but the angel.

That just by one look, I could see the luminous heavens from the way his eyes gleamed.

But that was the funny thing about it.

Because I did see heaven for a while, being with him, getting to know him, running a mile of possibilities with him. Taking risks for him.

And though his world spun in a way that was too struggling for me to keep up with, I didn't give up.

I danced with the devil until my feet could not take it anymore.

Even when the fires he indulged in burned and scarred me. I stayed in the depths of his own ruins just to see if I could save him some more.

To make him see that his way of living, this disastrous way of living, was too spiteful.

But we continued to sway as the fire burned us.

And as I looked into his eyes, all I saw was heaven just enjoying the sins of what this world had inflicted on him.

Yet there I was, saving a fallen angel who didn't wanna be saved.

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