As I Saw You
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And I saw you in the way I wanted to see you.

As I Saw You

I remember the days our worlds collided.

Remember seeing a person who wasn't there.

A boy with his guard up, yet you let me in.

Bad attitude with a sharp tongue, but what only mattered was how you treated me.

Thought I was special.

The lines were pretty blurry then. I hear them tell me to not get too close, knowing I was still yet to see someone who used his facade to get his way.

But that didn't seem to matter as long as you were there, praising the picture I drew of you.

A depiction infused with a boy who made the people around him think they cared about them when in reality, he didn't.

Simply said what they wanted to hear, but never once repeated it twice.

But you go ahead and shout your love for me for everybody else to hear.

And somehow it went from the world being against you to me being against the world just for you.

At that moment, I saw what nobody else tried to see.

A boy with too many issues. A boy who wanted me.

And I guess that's the most pathetic part of it all.

How as long as he charms you, he can get his way.

I just never thought I'd realize it the second you started doing it with somebody else.

And that's when it dawned on me, that I shunned the rest of the world for being against you just because you treated them in a way that made it seem like they weren't worth your time...

When in reality, I was just there as someone you can use to kill a little bit of your own. Your own little entertainment.

And it hurts to realize that despite seeing a picture of someone you once thought had it all.

Is that the beauty was just there to captivate an audience.

But was never there to truly belong to anyone.

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