Dark Secrets Chapter 2
Dark Secrets Chapter 2 stories

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Chapter 2 “why is it on the day of my birthday no ever remembers” Tina muttered under heart breath.

Dark Secrets Chapter 2

Chapter 2

“why is it on the day of my birthday no ever remembers” Tina muttered under heart breath.

“TINA” her step mother’s voice boomed off the walls of the mansion. Gods why on all days was she treated like this.

Instead of a normal birthday party, she had to deal with a huge socail even her father started holding.

He claimed it was a better way to celebrate Tina’s birthday and resstablish her in the community, to . it just seemed like it was an excuse to ignore her for a whole day.

She had to put on a dress, ugh she hated putting on dresses, but if it would her step mother to shut up she would gladly do It.

The hose was a busy sight that day, lots and lots of house elves that family owned where busy bustling along inside the house going this way and that.

Tina’s memory flashed back to a point when she was younger,and had tried to help a house elf with a household shore, feeling bad for tiny creature.

Not only did the elf totally freak out by gesture.It ran as as it could go to her father telling him what Tina had done.

She was badly beaten for incident,and told how the house elves where slaves,and she was not ever to do such a thing again.

The memory of father being a kind hearted man, was just that a memory. And not even one Tina could recall since his sanity and heart was ripped out the evening Tina was birthed.

She knew all this I love my daughter, and spoil her thing was simply to make himself look the dotting father figure.

However Tina knew the truth of how her father and step mother truly felt about her.

Hate and disdain all she was to her father was hard reminder of the only women he had ever loved, and when he saw his daughter he saw the girl that stole his first wife’s life.

To her step mother Tina was something to be jealous of,she knew that Tina was a reminder of his beloved lost wife.

Even though she saw how he held no special feeling for his daughter,he stil bought her gifts of find dresses and jewelry. To basically buy her happiness.

Helida held so much bitterness and hatred for how she felt ignored in some ways, when reality it was not even that she was being ignored.

It was more a case of she was not getting as much attention as she felt she deserved.

In any case day’s like Tina’s birthday simply did nothing more then remind her how much she wanted to be away from home,starting her life a new at hogwarts.

She delt with the taking day of playing nice and socializing with dark wizards in the community,for a fairly good portion of the day.

When at least she was able to sneak off to the library.

She love this part of the house more then anywhere else no one ever seemed to look for her here,and even the idea of stuffing her head full of knowledge filled her with joy.

Suddenly she heard a scuttling of feet, she realized with a flick of her head shudder of eyelashes, Batting frankly about the room….

She was not alone in here

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