The Process of Being Young
The Process of Being Young brother stories
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The Process of Being Young

My brother is breaking into schools

Avenging childhood bullies

I think about joining, but I should leave him

To make this own memories.

He has buckets of power mashed potatoes

For the yard

And toilet paper in bundles

For the trees

He has a car full of friends

For the thrill

I shouldn’t trust so much in him, and I don’t

But I think I trust the process of being young.

I remember the thrill of getting away with petty moments

I carried them with me

And wore their success and scarcity like an award.

I could feel them shape me as I planned the spontaneity.

With him, there is a pulse of being free

Having nothing in or around

yet constantly skirting around southern rules

There is beauty in mischief, I think my parents know that too.

For a seed to grow you just plant it and water it,

But for a seed to survive you must expose it to the elements

Without protection but with surveillance.

To nourish themselves, to make them self sufficient.

Of course there is the danger of neglect, that first looks like

the thrill of freedom

But feels later feels like an aftermath.

Youth has love, life has love.

I trust in the process of being young.

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