My Rebellion
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My Rebellion

by saracaliva

She was shaking uncontrollably.

The kind of shaking that means you can’t hold anything, touch anything, see anything. She was desperately hoping it would all be a misunderstanding.

I was shaking uncontrollably.

The kind of shaking that comes from overdosing on caffeine in the form of iced deliciousness in a plastic cup. It was probably unnecessary to consume that much coffee.

She stared at the phone taunting her.

She clearly needed to pull over, so she found a parking lot and just stopped. She knew that once she opened the door to this conversation, there was no going back.

I stared at my sister, taunting me.

We walked up the steps. Colorful graffiti adorned the walls and it made me feel badass. At the top of the stairs, I stopped. I knew that once I opened that door, I wouldn’t want to go back.

“It’s over.” His voice was shaking with sobs. “I love her.”

She was numb at first, but then suddenly she was screaming. The pain was spreading behind her eyes, but she kept yelling until everything was quiet.

“It’s over”, he said with a slightly condescending laugh.

I didn’t cry. I only screamed out a few “ouches.” There had been pain. It had started as soon as the first needle poked into my nose. He handed me the mirror and everything was quiet.

She looked into the mirror.

The girl who had been cheated on seven years into a relationship, whose heart had been broken into little pieces, looked at her own reflection. I smiled.

I hung up the phone.

The girl who wasn’t afraid of anything, even needles, wiped away her tears. She smiled.

A small blue stone is the constant reminder that I am in control. That is my rebellion.

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