Five Senses
Five Senses relationship stories

sapphirepeachessassy little biscuit.
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Appreciate a love that stimulates all your senses.

Five Senses

by sapphirepeaches


Sometimes I can feel him watching me when I'm not looking at him. I'm aware of his gaze on my face as I babble passionately about the injustices done by humanity and the cruelty we all face.


I have his full attention any time I open my mouth. He listens intently as I talk about how I identify with the victims and how the stars shine brightly whenever I'm feeling lost and hopeless


Sometimes his touch is the only thing that puts me to sleep. But how can I lose consciousness when he touches me and electricity flows under my skin while he radiates admiration and amazement.


I'd swear his mouth was sculpted by god if I believed in him When I kiss him, he tastes like addiction and always leaves me craving more, there will never come a day I don't wish for his lips.


He swears I smell the best But little does he know that his scent reminds me of the calm in the eye of hurricanes, the wind moving swiftly through the mountains, petrichor after a thunderstorm

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