I am sorry pt, 2
I am sorry pt, 2 romance stories

sapphire "A Never Ending Tale of Poems"
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Under the moonlight night, a surprise surfaces, "I am sorry" Pt, 2

I am sorry pt, 2

The moon glimmers and the playful fireflies dance happily, as I walk lonely. I take heavy steps to the pond to glare at my empty, hollow eyes.

Inside the ripples flowers of the merciless pond, lay a light which blinds me. As I take a further look to see what is inside, You were there sleeping painfully.

I hold onto your weakened hands gently and kiss it slowly as I embrace you tightly. As you warm up I hold onto your trembling hands and hold it worryingly.

You fell asleep on my shoulder and murmured softly as your tears fell one by one. My heart beats faster as I whisper "I am sorry" softly while I wipe your tears gently and cry melancholy.

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