"I am sorry" Pt, 1
"I am sorry" Pt, 1 nightwalk stories

sapphire "A Never Ending Tale of Poems"
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"I am sorry" Pt, 1. Written at the 6th of April 2020.

"I am sorry" Pt, 1

The sound of the light rain, under the glimmering moon showers my heart, soul gently. The calm ringing bells resonate louder as the rain grows stronger and my heart calms slowly and happily.

The flowers sways from side to side, as if they dance while the grasshoppers walk down to the path of their happiness. Everything is surrounded by the dim light of the naive fireflies, as they dance happily.

Suddenly my memories of you keep on repeating slowly as it pierces through my weakened soul and I fall painfully. As I try to stand, my scars dig deeper, become wider and I bleed painfully.

The bridge connecting my disturbed path is filled with greenery and beauty. I take bigger steps as I stand up quivery, toward the bridge which I hope it connects to my serenity.

As I cross the bridge, the rain ends and everything goes dark except the glimmering moon. I seek refuge and rest under the glimmering moon till everything shines brightly.

There I see a pond filled with rippled flowers sleeping in tranquility. As I got closer to see my empty hollow eyes, you were there sleeping painfully.

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