Five Dollars
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santikaropoet with peace
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My teacher gave me five dollars in cash

Five Dollars

My teacher

gave me five dollars in cash

he said

go change someone's life and come back

I put the first dollar

in a parking meter to extend time

I wonder if

the person had to pay the fine

I spent the next dollar

on a cheap rose at the market

and gave it to the cashier

I don't remember her name, but she loved it

I put the next dollar

in a donation box

I couldn't give a lot

and I don't remember the cause

I spent another dollar

on some white chalks on sale

drew hearts and wrote words

I wonder who saw them until the rain

I put the last dollar

in a cup in front of a stranger

sitting down waiting for real change

which I could not bring, if at all, until later

I'm not sure if I succeeded

in changing others' lives

with five dollars

maybe, except mine

*Poem dedicated to Chaz

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