An Ode To The Artist In You
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Let go of your life's habit is it good or bad, see

An Ode To The Artist In You

Let go of your life's habit

is it good or bad, see

it as it is

or closer to what it might be

Your creation

is an extension of

what you believe to be you

and it's enough to love

Depending on how it turns out

you may live or die

what is art

but to feel alive?

Nobody else

has thought, tormented, and loved

toiled, laughed, and cried over

your work as much as you've done

Should you feel that you must

part ways with your art to survive

remember it does not belong to you

but to all encounters that inspired

You are what you love

to love your art is to become it

to love yourself

and just maybe, the world and everything in it

If all seems to fall

rest awhile, aimless

in your dream space of the soul

all is process

Be seen

gradually, be truly seen

and nothing can cause doubt

not you, no doubt

Exercise One:

create something bad

post it on Facebook

realize that nobody cares

and bask in this indifference


from illusions that almost, but not quite

convince you that you actually matter in this universe

and function properly on the surface

Only thing that matters, if anything

can you love yourself, your art?

if not

go listen to Kendrick Lamar

Bonus tip:

do not avoid

that which you fear will cause paralysis

go to it

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