Ask/Dare AUs S01/E02
Ask/Dare AUs S01/E02 q and a stories

sanslv I don't know why I'm here tbh
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Next episode of my Ask/Dare. I'm gonna update this daily regardless of people viewing it <.<

Ask/Dare AUs S01/E02

I Don't Know How To Delete This Page Someone Help Me Please

Cupid: This kind of bores me because we don't have any pretty backgrounds ;-;

Cyber: Give Crystal time to make character sprites for us she doesn't have a good art program anymore...

Blood: Well why don't you go find stock photos of things that define us?

Cyber: Oooh good idea-

Cupid: o.o oooh

Soul: Bad idea because it's gonna take a long time...

Cyber: No actually?

Soul: I know I just wanted to annoy him

Blood: What is with everyone and contradicting me for fun...

Soul: Because you're cute

Blood: *glares at everyone* Cyber, end this episode

Cyber: I don't have control over that???

Blood: But you're IN CHARGE

Cyber: *sigh*

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