(Not) an Adult
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sandrinelapinso Community member
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I am about to be 32 years old. I’ve never consider myself an adult

(Not) an Adult

I am about to be 32 years old.

I’ve never consider myself an adult

Never (....)

And when I thought about my last group whatsapp video conference with my mom and dad (and sister, and niece and nephew)

I just realised

I am an adult by all standards imaginable

(seeing you in a harsh light in a time face video would do that for you)

I have the dull(est) skin of someone who does not sleep enough hours

I have little puffy bags under my eyes (#euphemism)

I look and feel a little sick (sometimes)

(let’s not talk about the yellow-ish teeth from drinking too much coffee)

I often (almost always) drink to forget

I look like I imagined myself (physically to be) when I’m old

Yet I don’t (entirely) feel that way

Well … not all the time …

I’m thinking I could be a poet right now

If I was not so so deluded …

The thing is this is probably

What could count as the most sincere thought I could ever have

Of spilling my guts out

I am (almost) 32

I am alone

And lonely

(but i’m an introvert so I get confused about that)

It is alright

I’m alright

I’m trying to be

To me and all of other people out there, I feel what you’re feeling

PS: I’m crying (so that should tell you how you should feel too)

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