The amok of Pedro
The amok of Pedro robinson cavalcanti stories

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Fictional story about a man named Pedro that killed 12 followers of christ.

By: Robinson Cavalcanti

The amok of Pedro

by Robinson Cavalcanti

Pedro, the traitor of Jesus Christ

This man, if he could be called a man

Killed 12 followers of Christ

Like a crazed Wolfman

Pedro firstly meet with Christ in a forest

Christ asked him if he had mercy of other people

Pedro answered: Yes.

Christ presented him 12 followers of him

Pedro was excited. He never had any followers

Jesus said: they were my followers, now they will be yours

Apollos, Evodius, Archippus, Sosthenes, Barnabas, Onesiphorus, Andrew, Moses, Judas, Philip, Simon and Nathanael.

Began to follow Pedro

Pedro reportedly yelled to Christ "Oh father, thanks"

Jesus then seen Pedro as a reliable friend

He would everyday visit him at bars

And once helped Jesus to transform water into wine

But one day

Thing slipped

On March 30 Pedro called Jesus, to talk with him

After a little conversation, Jesus began to suspect of Pedro

And terminated the conversation with "You aren't the prophet; i want my sons back"

Pedro got infuriated.

On April 3, Pedro called his followers to a forest

Having called the followers, Pedro said that a miracle would happen

He said to them to look at the sky, because the sun would do a such thing

But while they were looking at the sky, he got a dagger

And fastly stabbed 12 of his followers, all of whom died.

He then called Jesus, yelling "Now came here father to see the disaster i made"

Jesus was terrified by the murders: "How could you?"

But he did not panicked; he put his hands into Pedro's head

Saying "Father forgive them, for they do not know what they do"

After saying the phrase seven times, he said Pedro "Go ahead."

Pedro did go out and was not heard anymore.

Jesus said to his followers that he had an follower named Pedro,

Who was a traitor to him

His followers were shocked to hear the story.

Pedro is still remembered, to this day, as a mass murderer, and traitor

His whereabouts are unknown.

Written by Brazilian bishop Robinson Cavalcanti in 1996 to American bishop Douglas Cameron.

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