The Heart that Gambles
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sammychie98 Community member
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Who played who? Anyway, game over!

The Heart that Gambles

The Heart❤ that Gambles ♣❤♦♠

Who wants to be a 🃏Joker🃏 in a serious game of cards? He plays street poker with her heart❤ and they call him the Gambling King🤴🏽. He pulls a Royal Flush and and buries her 6 feet deep.

He'd rather have a single three-leaf♣ over a full deck of hearts❤. Clearly, his obsession with luck☘ supersedes her precious little heart❤.

So while she fights against the odds, he's betting against the odds. To end a game of deception she has to play to lock him in for probation.

She learns to gamble and now plays splits and neighbours on the roulette table of his soul. Now she's pulling a Black Jack card on a Black Jack table and get this; she aint even 21 yet.

Now she driving a stake in his heart and all he can do is stare hopelessly at the stack of chips he's losing. Who wants to be a 🃏Joker🃏 in a serious game of cards?

The Heart❤ that Gambles.♣♦♠❤

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