That's what's on my mind
That's what's on my mind  relatable2016 stories

samimsalemWords of the soul the head and the heart
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That's what's on my mind

by samimsalem

I hate my life and what it represents. A bunch of nothing and hateful things.

I start thinking , from thinking to doing , from doing to actions turning into sins,

Started smoking something unspoken. Suspense why I would do these things,broken.

Surfing in a small boat looking for my soul,stolen. Swimming in that dreary lake , a cold ocean.

Snakes with glowing sick eyes blackness. Suffering stupidly sinking censoring sadness.

Strangely stepping into a surprising madness. Seeing with my eyes unbelievable speechless.

Slowly realizing its divided into different phases. Skipping parts seriously mistaking places.

Stories compromised shattered into pieces. Stabbing my heart , the beat slowly decreases.

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