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Once upon a time we were little .

A second thought

Once upon a time we were little

I was little and the world was so big .

My hometown was huge in my eyes, though it was the opposite when I grew a little older .

I was only 8 and I hated the world, I know it seems bizarre but I have my own reasons .

I spent most of my time meditating , quietly as a mouse . The moon was my only true friend .

I thought it was mine and only mine ,and each night I heard his whispers .

I know it is all in my mind but I adored living in my magical wonderful quiet place inside my head.

I used to dream big as every child .

I don't know why I thought I was special somehow ;

The smartest kid in my school , and way better then my older brother .

But things change to the opposite once you grow old ;

What you were before is the opposite of what you are now ,

what you wanted before is what you would do your best to avoid ,

and what you hated before is what you will die for today .

Who knows what the future holds .

Maybe the opposite of the opposite and we will be what we were before ,but in much weaker bodies and less teeth .

Hopefully still smiling like little kids .

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