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salyrideA story is a new world we travel into
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She's trying to start anew, but part of her past reappears.

Her Past

by salyride

She walks up the stairs with boxes balanced in her arms. Mumbling, she kicks herself for renting an apartment on the top floor.

She hadn't really thought of the trouble it would be to move everything into her new apartment when she payed for it. At least not until now.

Reaching the door to her new home she takes a deep breath. This is a fresh start at a new life.

As she reaches for the door she feels someone brush by her and everything in her arms falls and crashes to the ground.

"I'm sorry. Here let me help you." The person says as she bends down and starts to put her things back in their boxes.

Only when everything is gathered back up does she look at the person. Their eyes meet for a moment and her heart just about stops.

It's him.

"Thank you." She says quickly as she balances the boxes again and slips into her apartment, closing the door between the two of them.

Never did she think that she would see him again. Most of all she had thought that she was over him and his disappearance.

He had left suddenly the summer after they graduated high school. At that time she thought that he was the one.

But then he disappeared one day without a word. His entire family up and moved without a word. She never heard from him after that and she had always wondered why.

He had left her life without a word, without an explanation. Who does he think he is just showing back up in her life again? Especially when she is trying to start over.

But what she doesn't expect are the mixed feelings that she now has. He doesn't look too different from the last time she saw him, despite the years that have past.

Only now does she realize that she never got over him. That she still wants what they once had.

He had stollen her heart back then. Broken it into pieces leaving her to patch it back up herself and now he is back.

Who knew that she would pick the one apartment complex where he has been living without knowing.

Taking a deep breath she steps farther into her new home.

She may be starting a new life, but she will have to come to terms with her past, no matter how much she wants to forget.

Only now does she realize that the past can never be fully buried.

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