The Huntress or Helene
The Huntress or Helene stories

salyrideA story is a new world we travel into
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She was once the Huntress. Now she is Helen. Will she become the Huntress again to save the one she loves?

The Huntress or Helene

by salyride

I once was ruthless Tunnel visioned from birth There was no need for anything else

I was closed off To emotion, to pain I knew nothing else

This was how I grew up

It was who I was No need to change that Until I met you

The one who cared deeply Soft caring eyes That dig into my soul

A gental smile That melts my heart

We worked in the same place With the same people Living in an emotionless world

Where we had to fight to survive. But you weren't a fighter I was the best around.

You showed me Life was more than that.

You taught me about life How to feel How to fall in love.

The Huntress was no longer. We left them Setting out together

To form a new life Different from our past

They didn't like that We knew they would come That they would hunt us

Until they found us.

Staying hidden All those years

Making a new life From the ashes of the old

Now past meets present The choice posed To save you or me

To be Helene or the Huntress. You taught me love Was the most powerful thing

But will I come back From being the Huntress once more?

To stay Helene Means to lose you But to become the Huntress

Means to lose myself within myself To lose you is a far worse fate That I can dare think of.

For you only will I become her Maybe you can save me after this

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