The Dragon Seeker
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salyrideA story is a new world we travel into
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It's been said that Dragons are myths, yet she is the only one in her family that can see them. (A start to a story that I am testing out.)

The Dragon Seeker

by salyride

Looking up towards the heavens I saw a shift against the night sky coming towards me. I smiled then, knowing exactly what it was.

Black as the night and hard to see even when someone was looking for it. Only a person with highly trained senses was able to spot the shift. That was my best friend, Midnight.

She landed in front of me and I ran to meet her. I could feel her head nuzzle me when I hugged her. Her scales were slick instead of the scratchy scales that others of her kind had.

Oh, I should take a moment to say that Midnight was my dragon. Yes, my best friend was a dragon. Strange, I know, but I wouldn’t have had it any other way.

I had found her when we were both really young. She was seven and so was I when I found her trapped in a hunter’s net.

Not many people are blessed with the ability to see dragons; which is why most of the human race believes that dragons are myths and legends. Few know the truth.

I just got lucky that I found her that day in time and had the ability to see her. I had brought her home and nursed her back to health.

The entire time, my parents thought that I had an imaginary friend; it was around then that I figured out the part about a select few being able to see dragons. They never could see her.

For years I had wished that they might be able to see her, but after awhile I found out that they would never be able to. I would never be able to introduce them to the truest best friend I had.

Over the next few years I had dedicated all of my spare time to studying the folklore, the myths, and the legends of “mythical” creatures.

Sometimes I was convinced that my parents were worried about me and my choice of a hobby.

At one point they passed it off as a phase. Well, at least until I was a Junior in High school and still as fascinated in my choice of study as I had ever been.

I had read every book in the school library concerning anything that had to do with dragons from cover to cover.

The last half of the school year the librarian had requested books from other schools so that I could continue my research.

I was bound a determined to help Midnight find others that were like her, because she was the only dragon around; the only one that I had ever seen in my area.

The night in which I outlined earlier was the first day of summer vacation. That summer my parents were away on a business trip, one of the longest that they had ever taken.

I had been offered the opportunity to go with them, but had respectfully declined.

I’m sure my parents thought that my wanting to stay at home was me just being a teen, wanting to stay close to my friends and not be around them all the time.

Usually I would have said yes to having the chance to go with them, but that summer Midnight and I had decided that we should finally put our knowledge to use.

“Ready to find more of your kind, girl?” I asked and in her own way she smiled as she chirped in response.

I strapped our supply bag to my back, though I doubted that it would last us too long with how far we were going and how long we were going to be gone.

Our plan was to go until our supplies ran out and then collect what we could along the way. Midnight could easily catch fish and small critters if we needed.

I looked at the map I had found in an old book one last time before tucking it away in my pocket. It had our destinations marked on it and it was the best lead that we had ever gotten.

I climbed up onto Midnight’s back and we took off up into the night sky. No one would have been able to see us against the dark sky.

Or at least that is what we believed.

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