The Dragon Seeker (Part 3)
The Dragon Seeker (Part 3) danger stories

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Tay and Midnight have finally found the Dragon Protectors, but what they find out isn't what they were expecting ...

The Dragon Seeker (Part 3)

by salyride

I extended a hand to Ferro. I had a feeling that he had never ridden before, so it was going to be a new experience for him.

He looked cautious for a moment before he took my hand and I helped him up.

Then I swear I saw Midnight smile as she rocketed up into the air, leaving the protectors behind in a blur of quickly moving colors.

In a few seconds we were up above the trees and heading higher. When we went through the clouds she started to barrel roll. She was really putting Ferro to the test to see if he could survive.

I wasn’t worried about falling off at all; she had done this enough times to me in the time that we learned to fly together. Ferro on the other hand did not seem to know what to think.

His arms wrapped around my midsection as he hung on for dear life. I had to give him credit, he hadn’t fallen off and he was not even screaming. He was determined to live through the flight.

Then Midnight slowed down and leveled off, upside-down. It was only for a few seconds, but it seemed like a long time and I was surprised that Ferro did not fall or even lose his grip.

When Midnight leveled off right side up he seemed to let out a sigh of relief. Then I swear I heard him laugh. “Does she do that often?” “Only with new people.” I responded.

“How many times?” “Other than me, your the first.” I said with a small shrug. He still hung on to me, though not as tightly as he had been.

“So, now that Midnight is not trying to see if you can hang on anymore, where are we heading?” I asked.

He pointed ahead of us. “See that smallish clearing up ahead? That’s what we are aiming for. Landing on the out skirts would be best."

Midnight seemed to nod a little when he spoke and started to head to where he had just shown us.

“So answer me one question before we land and the protectors take over. What are you doing this far away from home?”

I was silent for a moment, wondering if I really wanted to answer his question. In the end I did, I guess I was starting to think that he was not so bad.

“We came out here looking for others that are like Midnight. It’s been her and me since we were seven and I promised her I would help her find her kind.

We never saw another dragon where we live and I am the only person around there that can see Midnight. I guess we both just wanted to find our own kind or at least try."

He was quiet after I stopped talking. I had to wonder what he was thinking. He grew up knowing everything that I wanted to know since I was young.

He had never not been around others that shared the same gift. Me on the other hand had to learn it on my own, well, I did have Midnight helping me the entire time.

We landed where Ferro directed us to, and waited there until the two protectors that I had originally seen showed up.

When Ferro heard them coming he slid off of Midnight’s back, almost falling in the process. I jumped down and landed next to him.

When they appeared they seemed relieved that Ferro had lived through the flight, then they motioned to us to follow them.

Before I knew it I was standing in front of ten Dragon Protectors. The seemed to talk to each other in a different language and I had to look at Ferro to see if I had been imagining it.

“It’s Elder speak, the ancient tongue of the first Dragon Protectors.” He told me without me even asking.

“I might also want to mention that they refuse to speak any other language unless it is essential for them to do so.” “So they just like to be pains for the heck of it.” I commented.

“I might also want to mention that they can understand you, but, yeah, that is fair. They do like being pains most of the time. Try growing up with them."

He smiled slightly, trying to hold back a laugh. I could not help but smile. There was something about him.

Then the Protectors turned to face us. I felt a little uncomfortable suddenly that their attention was on me. I did not have Midnight with me so I felt more alone than I had felt in awhile.

She had to stay outside because she was just a little too big to fit inside the ancient building where the Protectors meet. But I was bound and determined not to let them intimidate me.

I was strong and we had planned for a long time to get here, I was not backing down.

“They want to know how you came to find Midnight.” Ferro said when the Protectors spoke in their Elder Speak towards me.

“They are really making you be the translator when they can speak English?” I whispered to Ferro.

“They know at least ten different languages, but yeah. They like being a pain.” Ferro whispered back. I shook my head, he just smiled.

I then told them how I had met Midnight in the first place, and about the hunter she escaped from.

The Protectors said something then and I looked to Ferro for an interpretation. “Do you know if the Hunter had the gift of sight?”

“I do not know. I doubt he did, but he did seem pretty angry at loosing his catch, though it was pretty obvious that someone had taken apart his trap."

“I never saw him again anyways. Besides I was more focused on not being found back then and getting little Midnight out of there.”

The Protectors said something else and Ferro followed quickly with a response of his own. “She is the only one that has the gift of sight back from where she comes from."

They said something else and Ferro once again answered. “Midnight is the only dragon that she has seen. If she can see Midnight she should be able to see others if there were any."

The Protectors then started to talk amongst themselves.

Again I looked to Ferro to figure out what was going on. From what I had read these people were supposed to be wise, not annoying. “They lost contact with the Protectors in America awhile ago.

It was right after the last Dragon war and they have been thinking that the Protectors were just trying to rebuild what was destroyed in the war.

Apparently things are a lot worse off there then they expected.

If you have not seen any other dragon where you live, and you are the only seer there it might mean that something larger is going on that they have not found out about yet."

“Hunters might be trying to eliminate the Dragon population over there and have succeeded in getting rid of the Protectors. They have been trying to get rid of our kind for a long time now.”

The Protectors suddenly turned back to face us. I rolled my eyes slightly as they once again spoke to me in a language I did not know or understand. “They want to know how you found us.”

“I can actually show you.” I said as I pulled the map out of my pocket and handed it to Ferro, because I did not want to give it to the Protectors, just out of spite.

“I found the map inside a book that I had been reading.” Ferro was the most surprised when he unfolded it to find their location circled on the map a couple times over.”

“Did you do that?” He asked. “No. I found it in the book like that. My librarian from school found it at an old book sale. The previous owner must have done that."

I looked from him to the Protectors and back. “Do you think someone knows our location?” I asked.

He then walked forward and handed them the map. They said a few words to him before he came back to where I was. “They think that the Hunters may know of our location, but they need to make sure.

If the hunters do know where we are everyone could be in danger." If the Hunters did know then I was certain disaster was about to strike.

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