The Dragon Seeker (Part 2)
The Dragon Seeker (Part 2) darkness stories

salyride A story is a new world we travel into
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Tay and Midnight left to find other dragons, but where will their quest take them? Is there more that they don't know about?

The Dragon Seeker (Part 2)

by Salyride

The wind whipped at us mercilessly and pushed us around like a ship in a storm.

A flash of lightning came close to us and I could tell that the air was no longer a safe place to be. “We might want to call it a night girl.”

I could sense her agreement, but we didn’t get the chance to reach the ground before another bolt of lightning came out of nowhere. It struck close to us, causing me to loose my grip on Midnight.

I felt myself slip and suddenly free fall. A scream escaped my lips as I fell, drifting steadily away from Midnight.

She blended in perfectly with the night sky and I soon lost sight of her and the thing that was that the four front of my mind was I was going to hit the ground.

I was going to die and my parents would never know what happened to me, and Midnight … I had no idea what would happen to her, if she would ever find others that were like her.

Darkness seemed to swallow me as I got closer to the ground.

When I woke I was surprised that I was actually alive and breathing. The next thing that surprised me was how dark it was around me.

Then I heard a low growl. It hit me then on how I was still here: Midnight had saved me and was still shielding me. I heard her growl again and then heard small voices from somewhere outside.

Someone had found us.

I felt her shift and the outside world came into focus. She stood, but still managed to shield me from whoever she saw as a threat.

But if she saw them as a threat and they hadn’t moved on yet then whoever was there could see Midnight; they had the gift of sight as well. The voices I heard where now whispers.

Moving slightly I was able to get a better look around Midnight’s front legs and see what we were up against.

I could see three people standing a distance away, but what they were wearing made me do a double-take. Two wore robes, red and green. Those two were the ones that stuck out the most at first.

The third looked like and other normal boy my age did. From what I knew we were out in the middle of nowhere so I was surprised to see other humans.

At the same time, we were close to the place we were heading. Maybe these were the Dragon Protectors that I had read about, but they were supposed to be a myth.

We had known when we started out that we were chasing a myth. I guess I didn’t expect to find someone this fast. I stood, unsure of what else to do.

The three people seemed surprised to see me appear and that Midnight was protecting me. It was the boy who walked forward first, the other two stayed where they where.

He stopped close to me, yet at a distance that Midnight set. “Do you speak English?” He didn’t seem threatening, but I wasn’t sure if I wanted to take the chance.

I nodded first, then spoke. “Yes, I do.”

He smiled. “Good, makes it easier for both of us. My name is Ferro.” He extended a hand, Midnight growled in response.

“It’s okay girl, I don’t think he means to hurt us.” I got a look from Midnight that said, “Okay, but I still don’t trust him.” I took his hand and shook it. “People call me Tay.”

“I don’t get to know your full name?” His smile was really charming, but I didn’t want to trust him fully until I knew who he was.

“No, not right now.” Then I motioned to Midnight. “This is Midnight. She doesn’t trust you.”

“Is she your dragon?” “My friend. We stick together because we want to not because I make her.”

“I’ve got to say, your the first person I’ve come across who has the complete loyalty of a dragon who hasn’t been training for years.”

“Is that what you are?” I asked, wondering if we were near the place we were aiming for.

“A trainee? Yeah. I’ve been training since I first found out I could see dragons. The two people behind me are the Dragon Protectors. They don’t trust you.”

“Okay, I guess we’re even then. How did you find us?” Midnight seemed a little more comfortable by then, but I could tell that she was ready to pounce if necessary.

“I saw Midnight get hit last night. Their job is to protect dragons of all kinds, so when she went down we went out to see if we could help. Of course you both look like you are okay.

What has me wondering is why you are out this far. No one ever finds us.” “If took years, but we found a book of myths that lead us here from where we come from.”

“Where’s that?” “Alabama.” He looked stunned for a moment.

“I found her in a hunter’s trap when we were young. We haven’t seen any dragons other than her since then. She’s the only one I have ever seen.

Again he was quiet. I wasn’t sure what to think or what to make of his silence. He turned and jogged back to where the two protectors were standing.

I couldn’t pick up what they were saying, but I had a feeling it was about something I had said. When Ferro came back his silence was over.

“You and Midnight should come back to camp with us. We need to talk to the other protectors about what is happening in your region.”

I hadn’t thought that anything was happening in my region, that was why Midnight and I were out here in the first place. I looked at her and it seemed like we both shared the same feelings.

“Okay, but on one condition. Midnight and I get to fly to your camp and you fly with us.” “Why?”

“Call it a trust exercise. Your friends don’t trust me and I don’t trust them yet. If you can ride out a flight with Midnight and me, then we’ll start to trust you more. Deal?”

I stuck out my hand and waited for his response.

He looked over his shoulder only briefly before shaking my hand. “Deal. Trust has to start somewhere I guess. I just hope your friend doesn’t drop me half way there.”

“We’ll let her decide that.” I said with a small smile.

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