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salyrideA story is a new world we travel into
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He was told to only open the black book unless he was told too ... (Something that I am testing out as a story)

The Black Book

by salyride

There had always been a black book sitting inside the desk drawer.

Never once had he touched it. Never once did he feel the need to.

He had been told never to look in it, unless of course he was told to.

So there it sat in the desk for years, undisturbed by his hand or any other.

His life flourished around him and he was happy.

Nothing could take it away from him.

Then one day while at work he received a text.

Two words that made him get up and leave the office early.

"Black Book".

The key words had been sent to him, something he never expected to happen.

He stood in front of the desk where it laid hidden for all those years.

Slowly he opened the drawer and took it out.

The black leather cover felt heavy suddenly in his hands.

His children would be coming home from school soon, so he had to open it before they got home, he knew he had to.

His hands opened to the book slowly, unsure of what to expect.

The first page bore his full name in handwritten letters. The handwriting was that of his older brother.

The second page bore only one word that sent shivers down his spine.


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