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salyrideA story is a new world we travel into
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Her brother said it would be fun, but now she is lost...


by salyride

Evertything around her is dark, and scary. It's getting darker by the minute and the shadows seem to increase around her.

She tries to remember why she is here in the first place.

Oh yeah. It was her brother's idea. Let's have some fun, he said. It'll be a great time, he said.

Well, he's not anywhere in sight anymore. They had come in here together, he had gone on ahead and now she can't hear or see him at all.

Maybe it isn't her that is lost but him. It would serve him right.

He is always bragging about how he never gets lost, and how he can find his way out of anywhere. He could be lost and not know it at this moment.

She laughs silently at the thought. It would be funny to see his expression right now.

She jumps as she hers something move beside her. "Tyler? Is that you?" Her voice is quiet despite the fact that she is trying to convince herself that nothing is going to jump out at her.

This place isn't haunted and besides there is no such thing as ghosts and specters. All that was invented to scare children and she is not a child.

A shadow moves along the path farther ahead of her and the hollow sound of the wind accompanies it.

Her feet are moving before her brain can catch up with reason. Every sound now sounds like it could be something that can suddenly pop out of nowhere and grab her.

A sharp left is quickly followed by a sharp right. The turns start to blur together as she frantically runs and takes the turn that seems to be leading away from anything that might be following.

Suddenly she sees light ahead.

She bursts out into a clearing and as she looks around she finds her brother waiting for her, and of course he is laughing at her expression.

"It's just a corn maze." He laughs. "There isn't anything in there that can hurt you." Yeah, he's having a good laugh at this.

She smiles, "Yeah, next time I am going to put you in a haunted corn maze and then we can see who is laughing after."

He smiles at his sister. "I might have to take you up on that dare."

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