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Finding Out

by salyride

Her father had disappeared one night into the mists and never was seen again. The reason why, or where he went was never clear to her.

His disappearance is all she has known about him since she was a little girl.

The old oak door opens and a tall man enters the room. He is the one who has raised her as his own ever since she was five years old.

His hands are worn from hours of work and in them he holds a little figurine made out of maple wood. He made it himself at work with the extra wood that he had.

Everything he does is to create a better life for her.

He wants a better life for his growing niece, the teen who is like a daughter to him.

She always makes him happy no matter what has happened in the course of his work day. He always brightens when he sees her smiling to welcome him home.

He is tired and worn out, but he tries his hardest not to let it show through.

She sees it, even though he tries to hide it, even before he enters their house. He becomes happier by just seeing her smile.

She skips over to him today and hugs him tight. He has filled in for the father she doesn't remember.

As he looks at her, today feels different. She is happy, so happy. Yet today is the exact day that her father, his brother had left twelve years ago.

She was too young to know why he left. She was too young to know about the war that had been raging on.

Today is the day he has decided to finally tell her what really happened to her father on that dreary day when he had left and never returned.

He sits her down to answer all her questions and he finally finds the long sought after words that he has been searching for since the day he got the news.

"You're father is a hero."

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