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a sad poem about this meaningless life


as i stare at my half smoked cigarette

i realize

life goes on without you noticing it

days pass in an instant

you meet people you socialize you make friends but will they ever care about you?

i realized

men and women live their lives without ever calling someone truly their special

i realize

life is chaos.... chaos that we live in

chaos that makes us humans

some fight against chaos

some hate chaos

but i realize

chaos is the only thing that makes us feel alive



the basic emotions that were with us since the beginning

o the sweet beginning

when we had dreams

when we thought we could be someone

when we thought we would be loved

when we thought we are unique

i realize now

we are chaotic

and we are many

way too many to be known

way too many to make ever lasting relationships

we are all alone

and that alone makes you go forward to change

we seek change but why?

i realized through a cigarette

we are burning away in our own chaos


we destroy ourselves

we destroy our dreams

we destroy our hopes

and oh why

why do we do such terribly things to ourselves?

its simple


its easy

we live and we die

whats after our petty lies

our petty lives?


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