Staring at my room's empty walls.
Staring at my room's empty walls. ignored stories

salvation waiting for you to accept me
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Ignorance... It can crush someone's soul

Staring at my room's empty walls.

But my mind is occupied and Waiting for you to call..

My heart started bleeding ignorance.....

Asking me to indulge in substance..

But for you i will fight this fight inside my brain.

Cuz you taught me how to endure this pain...

Without you i am nothing more than an empty slate....

I can make your heart feel the warmth of my love and remove the hate cuz there is no debate....

That i don't love you or you don't love me back..

Let me clear your doubts...

Please probe my heart inside out.... And you will find..

There are no ulterior motives in my mind....

Please accept my empty heart and fill it with your love..

The only thing that i starve for is your heavenly touch of love.. And except you there is no one above... Love you DM.

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