The Night We Met

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salmonreed young, dumb, & stung 👽
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Honestly, I just miss your dog, fuck face

The Night We Met

The first time we met was on a bridge

And before I begin, can I just ask

Who the fuck walks their dog at 3am?

But there you were,

Cigarette hanging from chapped lips

stupid bomber jacket I can’t stand

Eyes the color of spring

And there I was,

Beer bottle lazily pressed to my lips

Tip-toeing over the edge above

Rushing water and jagged rocks

And you and empathy

Are like two parallel lines

That’ll never meet

Cause here’s what you said to me

“If you really wanted to kill yourself, you would’ve done it by now, y’know?”

And what you didn’t know then,

That you know now

Is that I like a challenge

And so there I was,

Climbing over the rail

With all of my misplaced rage

Smug face

Shit faced

And there you were,

Fearful for a stranger

As you yanked me back on my feet

As if I was a toddler having a fit

Truth be told

If the roles were reversed

I would’ve left me there


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