You Are Becoming My World.
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And my life too.

You Are Becoming My World.

Hey it’s a month of love yayayayy for couples…no not this again for singles ahhhhah so I belong to second category but still I can do something for category number one. Here is the quick piece with kiddo rhyme.

I see universe when I am in you company, You worth more than billions of penny, I found you in the dark, But you are becoming my Noah’s ark.

The smile you have on your face, To see this, I will even drink mace, Give me one choice between you and life, It's obvious I will choose you because you are my life.

Call me clingy but I cannot let you go, Your absence is the reason of my frown, The protection I get in your embrace, To taste this daily, with time I race.

I love you beyond the possible limit, Yeah, that is cheesy but still, You are becoming my favourite thing, And now I am a believer of first side zing.

Your presence is my food, Don’t ask because for me you always look good, I want to be with you forever, Because you are my greatest treasure.

Hey again thanks for reading. You are awsmmm and thank u sooo much for ur constant support guys. Love you! Keep on writing! 😁

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